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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
18-Feb-04 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Sing My Heart Home (James Keelaghan)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: James Keelaghan-Sing My Heart Home
Sing My Heart Home
Capo 5th
(To try to recapture that octive electric 12 string thingy sound...)

(Bm) Dawn is (G) break(D)ing
(A)Time for (Em)lea(G)ving
(Bm)Taxis (*Bm?)are (D)waiting
(Em)Tents coming (A)down
(G)Off in a (D)corner
(A)A band is still (Em)play(G)ing
(G)One song be(D)fore they (A)leave town

(G)(D)Sing out (A)
(G)(D) Sister (A)
(Em)Let your song ring for (G)ev(D)er
And (Em) sing my (A)heart (D) home

Out on the tarmac
Jet engine's whining
I'm in seat 4A
I'm going home
Deep down inside me
The music still echoes
I hear it as we start to roll

Sing out Brother
Let your song ring for ever
And sing my heart home

Should my voice falter
Should spirit fail me
Should I find myself Unable to rise
Give me an anthem
That I can take with me
To sing while I'm closing my eyes

I told ya it was wonky!

(*Bm???) 004430