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Posted By: Murray MacLeod
19-Feb-04 - 10:47 AM
Thread Name: Theatre Bar videotape, Sidmouth 1991
Subject: RE: Theatre Bar videotape, Sidmouth 1991
Her is a description of some of the performances, just in case it stirs memories for anybody.

1 Statuesque black lady, looks like Odetta, singing a spiritual "I know the Lord laid his Hands on Me" with great gusto.
2 Middle-aged get-haired/blonde lady singing "Country Life"
3 Burly chap with dark hair, short beard, looks like Brian Blessed singing a song about dogs. "There was Butch there was Candy there was Punch(?) there was Sandy ...."
4 chap with huge beard, like a burst horse-hair sofa singing "Lowlands Away" (good rendition too)
5 angelic looking 9 or 10 year old boy singing a song contains refrain "Round and roubnd go the seasons". I could be wrong but I think his mother (dark-haired, pony-tail) preceded him in the session singing "It all makes work for the working man to do"
6 Black-haired chap with straggly beard giving an extrememely animated rendition of "Barratt's Privateers"
7 Interesting performance. White haired chap, looks like the photo of Kevin McGrath in the Mudcat archives wanders round room kissing all the women and singing a song contains line "so I went upon my way"
8 Four piece vocal band, (playing whistle cittern concertina) sing song about wreckers. Obviously a professional outfit.
9 Scotsman sings excellent version of "The Terror Time". I feel I should know who this is, but I don't.
10 Singer/guitarist chap sings parody "Send in the Cones". Clever.
11. Clear-voiced lady, suntanned, dark curlyish shoulder-length hair
singing heartfelt rendition of "Indiana"
12. This may be the most interesting performance on the whole tape. I think it may be Keith Marsden himself sing his "Funeral Song". Ironic if it is, since he died the day after he returned from Sidmouth that year. I never saw Keith Marsden live, but the singer does look like pictures I've seen of him. If I am wrong I am sure somebody will put me right.