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Posted By: teller
06-Sep-99 - 07:35 PM
Thread Name: What ever happened to...?
Subject: What ever happened to...?
Having just read the thread concerning Jo Anne Kelly, and having recently pondered as to the whereabouts of various old friends, and people who I had the pleasure of getting to know at the Club I used to run, I came to the conclusion that, although we all move on; make new friends and, sometimes, loose touch with the old ones, their memory still lingers on and it would be nice if, perhaps, we could have stayed in touch....or are we always 'in touch' if they are still in our heads ? Anyway - I remebered such people as John Smith ( easy to place, hey ?!! ) who sang at the club with a friend of his (Dave) under the name of 'The Helmsmen' - great guys and superb singers. Major Wiley springs to mind - bluesman extraordinary, what's he up to these days? Jeremy Taylor, a very funny man, but where is he these days? And on a broader scale, the celebration of John Peel's 60th birthday on the TV, threw up another name - Bridget St. John. Any body know what she is doing these days, or any of the above named for that matter ? I only ask because I'd like to, in some small way, touch base with the people from my past, and of catch up with them, in a roundabout sort of way. It was all a long time ago, but we all build our futures on our past, and I'd like to do a little....personal archaeology, if you like. Thanks. Teller.