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Posted By: The Shambles
22-Feb-04 - 03:15 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby on telly on Friday.
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby on telly on Friday.
I have seen her sing without any backing and this TV concert with a very fine band. I am not too sure if she has quite made the jump from solo to performing with a band.

For I feel that her singing would have come over better without the band and the band would have put on a better show without her. I felt that her contribution actually detracted from what the band were trying to do and the overall effect. For the overall result was to anchor the performance back to a nice but in truth, a not very flexible voice and each song did sound very much the same.

For example - do you really need to la-la-la over the band, when you have a band such as this one? The diddle diddle di dows and such like that link traditional songs, generally are just there because there is no instrumental link to the next verse. When there is an instrumental link and a fine band to provide it - singing these these on top, just gets in the way.

The hype is really the problem - for I am sure that she is a very fine lass and is working very hard.

One criticism from my wife, who had never heard of her......."Can't make out what she's singing about. The mic is hiding her mouth so I can't even lip read."

Amen to that and one hopes that this will be pointed out - for future TV appearances as all that is required is a little work on the camera angles or indeed the microphone skills. I feel that this would have certainly helped this paticular show.