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Posted By: Annie
22-Feb-04 - 09:02 AM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding's influence
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's influence
I had only a few words with Rick at the Getaway, but was a moth around his musical flame. I was irrevocably attracted by his example as a musician and his service-through-sharing-and-honesty, which I thought was damn-near spiritual in nature (I respect the agnostic - it takes humility admitting you cannot understand the inexplicable.....and I think they make great teachers.)

The first Getaway I attended, he played a small bodied, old Martin - I'm going to guess it was a 00-18. I marched right out and bought the best 00 I could afford. It's size fit me perfectly and made me love playing the guitar every time I picked it up. He helped lead a workshop on song writing and I learned the value of the bridge in holding your audience's interest in your song. He also helped lead a workshop on jamming during which he explained the importance of variety. This was all new to me and I'm grateful he passed it on.

Like Mick said, we can never repay the teacher.....but we can Pay It Forward.

Thanks for starting this thread. I cried when I read it ... I think because it tries to put feelings into words with dignity, which is very hard.

Love to Rick, Heather and all, Annie