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Posted By: Willie-O
22-Feb-04 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding's influence
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's influence
(Annie, Rick would immediately let you know that the guitar you mention is a single-ought O-18, late 40's vintage).

Well for starters, he sold me one of his all-time favourite guitars, on easy credit terms and at a kind of ridiculous price, after knowing me for one day. Mostly I think because he knew that I would play it a lot.

When I met Rick, it was weird because we had a lot of parallel influences and preferences. (Although I don't claim to approach his depth of knowledge of musical styles, technique, or ability to impart these to others). We were both Ontario roots-style players, with Martin O-18's, an affinity for Wade Hemsworth and some of the no-longer-well-known Canadian folk revivalists like Tom Kines and Alan Mills. He has a Glen Reid octave mandolin; I have an old Regal Octophone, which was the model Glen patterned that instrument after. (These instrumental coincidences came in handy when I booked Rick for a concert and needed a poster; my in-house graphic artist just took pictures of my instruments and made a collage with an actual Rick pic!)

Peter T, who was there, noted of that first meeting "Willie-O arrives, and he and Rick are deep into a discussion of Martin-eana within about 1/33rd of a second." Chuckle. Guilty.

But to get back to Rick, as a radio-show guy he was straightforward enough to tell me, "I like your music but it deserves better than that CD of yours. All the level changes drive me crazy." This kind of information is what you need to hear; my relatives and friends like the CD anyway, but the next one will be better (i.e. professionally mastered) thanks to Rick.

Rick, I'm glad to know you, Heather, and the wonderful musical community around you. You have enriched my life.