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Posted By: Big Mick
22-Feb-04 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: Paul Mills/Ron Hynes - Congratulations
Subject: Paul Mills/Ron Hynes - Congratulations
With all the justifibly joyous celebrating of Rick's new CD, we have overlooked a very important happening for a wonderful man. Lately in these precincts, we have celebrated and thanked Paul Mills for all he did to bring our buddy Rick Fieldings CD to fruition. But while he was doing this, a CD that he produced for Ron Hynes was vying for the venerable East Coast Music Award. For those that don't know what this is, it is an important Canadian award like the Grammy's in the States. And I am proud to announce that the Paul Mills produced/Ron Hynes CD "Get Back Change" won the FACTOR Album of the Year, and the Country Recording of the Year. Can you imagine keeping your concentration on Rick's event with this going on? One more important factoid for you. If you watched the video clip, and when you see the pictures that will soon be posted of the event, in the background you will see a woman with a wonderful smile working away at the computer. That is Linda, who is the Office Manager for Borealis. She got in at about 6:00 AM on Monday from the awards and stayed through the Fielding event to process the orders. What a crew, eh? No wonder Borealis wins these things.

Paul ...... my friend .... congratulations on the awards. Doesn't surprise me in the least. I am proud of you, for you, and to know you.

All the best,