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Posted By: Compton
22-Feb-04 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mary Ann, She's after Me
Subject: Lyr Add: OUR MARY ANN (from Muckram Wakes)
I took this from a Muckram Wakes LP "Warbles, Jangles and Reeds" (they were a great band in our parts ...some 25 years ago.!!)


Now I never thought much about females
'Till a couple of months ago
'Till I though I saw one of them looking at me.
My mother told me so.

That damsels name was Mary Ann
And she looked at me one day.
I told mother and mother told me
In a motherly kind of way.


That Mary Ann, she's after me,
Full of love , she seems to be.
My mother says, It's as plain to see
That she wants me for her young man.
Father says, it that be true
John, my lad, be thankful do,
That there's one bigger fool than you,
And that's Mary Ann.

Well. I've often seen her looking at me,
And I don't know what to do,
And I can't help looking at her,
My mother told me so.

Last Sunday morning coming from church,
She says, I'll walk your way
Well we both started walking, I never says nowt,
I had a narrow escape, that day.


Well, there's many a jolly young chap like me,
He might be pleased to know.
What dangerous animals, some girls are,
My mother told me so.

We roams around like innocent lambs
And we does no harm, I'm sure.
Then along comes summat in frocks and in curls
And there's never no peace no more.