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Posted By: Songsmith
23-Feb-04 - 08:43 AM
Thread Name: Paul Mills/Ron Hynes - Congratulations
Subject: RE: Paul Mills/Ron Hynes - Congratulations
Hello Folks,

I have to say a word or a couple thousand on this subject. In addition to his well deserved awards with Ron and preperation for Rick's release, I was in Paul's hair for the seven days leading up to it. I had a small bit of success on the East coast ten years ago. Potential to do more was there but my lack of industry experience and failure to follow my gut feelings lead to a bit of a disaster with my follow up project. I accept responsibility for that failure. In the process my self confidence was shattered and I walked away from something that was very important part of who I am.

I have been a a fan of Paul's work since I first heard Stan Rogers. I was very fortunate to have some of my material sent to Paul and was thrilled when he said he would like to work with me. Things progressed when we met and performed together at Stanfest a few years back. He made me feel comforatable from the instant I met him.

We'd talked about doing this CD since 1998. We finaly got together in 2001 for three and a half days and managed bedtracks for 8 tunes. That experience sold me on Paul's ability to get the very best out of every aspect of a song. The message, lyrics, melody, arrangment and performance. During the recent seven days we managed to complete all 15 tracks for the final product. I'd be ashamed to tell you how much actual studio time my previous projects amounted to. I am thrilled with this one to say the least.

Paul's contirbution goes far beyond what many envision a producer may be. His tremendous musicianship and the wonderful musicians he selected to be part of this project became an intrical part of the process. He allows all those involved to participate openly and he has a gift with his ability to channel all their input into the best possible result.

Hand in hand with his professional ability is the fantastic envrionment he and his beautiful wife Bev provide. They are a team in every sense of the word and are two of the finest people I've met. I had the greatest time with them. One only has to witness them openly show their love for their children and how it's returned to know they are salt of the earth people. I will treasure the time I spent with then forever.

I'm not finished, sorry! During the evenings we talked, picked some tunes and Paul shared some of the music he has written. When this Curly Boy guy releases it with him your gonna see just how far his talent extends. I'm still walking around singing one of them.

Paul introduced me to Rick's music, Jed Marum and many others during this project. I admire him, Bev and all of you here at Mudcat for the overwhelming love you've shown for Rick and I have faith it will provide peace in such a difficult situation. The love as displayed here is the foundation on which our prayers for Rick and his family may be answered.

Thank you Paul! Regards to Bev eh!
Thanks for being here Mudcat.