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Posted By: pkferret
24-Feb-04 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Trad. or copyright
Subject: RE: Origins: Trad. or copyright
Thank you for your help. Now if I can figure out how to add this thread to my personal page I'll be great.

As for what I want this info. for:
1. If we make a demo tape, I want to credit the song writer. (what do you call them, song writer, author, tune creator, .........)
2. In some cases, it would be nice to let the audience know who a song is written by. After all, we let them know when one of us wrote the song.
3. If we ever make a tape or CD, we're supposed to pay someone royalties, if it's not a traditional song. (There's another phrase for too. Trad. or ...... can't think of it.)

P.S. I'm new to mudcat, so if don't do things right, let me know,..... nicely.
      I like a site with a sense of humor!!!!!