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Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Robert Whitworth (RNLI Lifeboat)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE ROBERT WHITWORTH (Roz & Neil Kimber)
"The Robert Whitworth" 1030 am 19th Jan 1881 ..The true story of an RNLI Lifeboat at Whitby which had to be hauled through snowdrifts 7 feet deep, to aid six men who abandoned a sinking Whitby brig, "The Visitor" in Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire, England. It was impossible to launch the Lifeboat at Whitby, so they harnessed horses and people to pull the boat six miles digging through snowdrifts 7 feet deep 500 feet above sea level and down to a sheltered cove. Even then they broke oars and damaged the rudder, almost lost a crew the first time they launched. They were able to rescue the six men despite the weather.

Written by Roz and Neil Kimber performed by Kimbers Men in aid of the RNLI on their CD "See You When The Sun Goes Down"

(Roz & Neil Kimber)

Captain Gibson hear our plea
Six men's lives in peril at sea
Send the boat oh send the boat
The Whitby Visitor is no more

Shovel the snow lads seven feet tall, hooves a pounding clear and haul
Clear and haul lads clear and haul, hooves a pounding clear and haul.

Coxswain shouted can't you see
We could never clear that sea
Boats not for sailing, not today
But six men's lives we shall yet save

Grab the shovels, seas of snow
Through blizzard drift we shall go
O'er the moors lads o'er the moors
At Robin Hood's Bay we'll launch there

Harness fastened leathers tight
Ne'er anyone had seen such sight
Steady up boys steady up
Mighty beasts haul the load

Hundreds fight the snow that day
More horses harnessed on the way
Twixt cosy homes with fires aglow
But pounding seas still lay ahead

Pull the oars lads seven feet tall, waves a pounding heave and haul
Heave and haul lads heave and haul, waves a pounding heave and haul

Exhausted men can barely stand
But the Robert Whitworth will be manned
Oars all smashed and steering broke
With salty tears they head for shore

We'll try again we shall not fail
Eighteen men shall fight the gale
Hours passed men hauled aboard
White horses crashing to the bay

Such a journey ne'er forget
Inner strength will save men yet
Fight nature's forces for precious life
Lifeboat men to you our praise

Recording by Kimber's Men: