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Posted By: GUEST,L
25-Feb-04 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: Dilemma with 'Siul A Ruin'
Subject: RE: Dilemma with 'Siul A Ruin'
Thank you all for your comments!

What I may do (after thoroughly examining the thread Joe mentioned) is use a modification of the version I know. I might change the word 'Buttermilk,' since it seems that for everyone that insists it refers to a battle in the Revolutionary War, there's another who insists it refers to the American Civil War. Maybe I should use 'yonder' instead, just to be safe?

The refrain is the biggest problem of course. I suppose the main decision is whether to use the full translation I've seen floating around that starts "Come, come, come, my love..." Yes, I like the use of 'come' rather than 'walk'. The other option is the sort-of-related, still-kind-of-maybe-authentic one, along the lines of "Shule, shule, shule aroon (agra?), sure, ah sure, and he loves me...". I've eliminated the "only time can heal my woe" refrains, mostly because I prefer the others. Does anyone have a strong argument for the use of one against another in my case?

And then of course, there's the matter of the verses, and now everything has turned into a big old "Johnny's Gone for a Soldier' buffet!

SRS, no, I haven't had the chance to meet Linda, nor have I tried to contact her. I do love the arrangement she does, but I'm leary about using the 'nonsense refrain' - although, all things considered, that may be the best way to go! You're right, though, she might have some information relevant to the time period that would solve the whole problem. Trying to contact her is definitely something to consider. Thank you for that idea!

And to Kate - hee! That sounds like a good idea, too.