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Posted By: Chief Chaos
25-Feb-04 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: politics and buying stuff
Subject: RE: BS: politics and buying stuff
What he should figure out is that by constantly scaring the American people about possible attacks (with no real known targets) is that he is scaring people away from malls and other large shopping centers.

If you think that I'm full of shit then let me let you in on a secret. The anti-terrorism training that I've had over the years started before 9/11 with a scenario in a large shopping mall.

My first post was tongue in cheek. I also have a portfolio, it doesn't make me Liberal or Conservative.
I try to buy things made in America. It's getting harder to do with each passing day. The thing to remember is that the American worker is also the American consumer. If one is out of work, the other isn't going to be buying much.

I try to buy green as well and if I really believe that a corporation is harming people then I will indeed boycott that corporation. It is getting to the point however, that I will have a lot of money and won't be able to buy anything.