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Posted By: The Villan
25-Feb-04 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Subject: RE: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
John have you mentioned Templates? They are a godsend.

Keyboard shortcuts are the key to fast typing.

Here are a few for people who don't use them.

Action               Result of action               Can be used in
F12               File Save As…                        All applications
CTRL + S        File Save                        All applications
CTRL + F4        Close current document               All applications
CTRL + O        Open existing document               All applications
CTRL + N        Create a new document               All applications
CTRL + P        Print the current document        All applications
ALT + F4        Close current application        All applications
CTRL + Z        Undo last action                All applications
CTRL + X        Cut (move) into clipboard        All applications
CTRL + C        Copy into clipboard               All applications
CTRL + V        Paste from clipboard               All applications
CTRL + Y        Redo last action               All applications
F7               Spellcheck                        All applications
CTRL + B        Bold Text                       All applications
CTRL + I        Italic Text                       All applications
CTRL + U        Underline Text (single line)        All applications
CTRL + L        Left Margin Align                                Word
CTRL + R        Right Margin Align                                Word
CTRL + E        Centre between Left and Right Margin                Word
CTRL + J        Justify text between Left and Right Margin        Word
SHIFT + F3        Change case of letters (upper/lower etc)        Word
CTRL + SHIFT+ W               Word Underline                                Word
CTRL + SHIFT + D        Double Underline                       Word
CTRL + SHIFT + K        Create Small Capital Letters               Word
CTRL + SPACEBAR               Return to Default Font                       Word
CTRL + Q               Remove Paragraph Formatting               Word
SHIFT + ALT + D               Insert the Date                                Word
CTRL + D               Display Font Dialog Box                       Word
CTRL + 1               Single Line Spacing                        Word
CTRL + 2               Double Line Spacing                       Word
CTRL + 5               One and a half Line Spacing               Word
CTRL + M               Left Block Indent                       Word
CTRL + SHIFT + M        Undo Left Block Indent                       Word
CTRL + T               Hanging Indent                                Word
CTRL + SHIFT + T        Undo Hanging Indent                       Word