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Posted By: JohnInKansas
26-Feb-04 - 01:42 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Subject: RE: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Bev and Jerry

If you really want to "pick up" the format to type something new to the left of where the font change occurs, you can insert your first new character to the right of one that's formatted like you want, type at least one character and re-type the character that was to the left, and then delete the original "first letter." It's usually easier just to set the format for the point where you're going to make the entry in most cases. It is true that the character on the left of the cursor determines what format the next one you type will have, unless you set a change.

You should also be aware that you can click on the little paintbrush on the toolbar. If you have nothing selected, "character format" at that current cursor point is copied "to the paintbrush." Click on another character, and that character format will be "pasted" to the new point. If your cursor is "in" the new format, click the brush, and then click the left edge of the space that precedes where the new format started, and the space will have the new format so you can start typing to its right.

If you have a paragraph selected, when you click on the brush, the "paragraph style" is what's copied, and is what will be pasted at the next click. Note that if you "mouse" into the left margin, you get an arrow that will "tilt" when it decides you want to select a complete line. If you "click and hold" with the cursor arrow in "line select" you can "paint" whole sections in a single stroke - until you release the mouse button.

If you "double-click" the paintbrush, it will copy the style/format and remain on so that you can "click" that format, character or style, into multiple places. If you "double-clicked," the "paint format" button stays on until you hit any key on the keyboard. The Esc key is the "approved" way of turning off the format paste.

Note that the "paint format" function was a little different when it was first introduced. I believe it was in Word95, but it's been a while ago. In the original version, you highlighted what you wanted to change, click the brush, and then click where the format you want already exists. (or something like that.) If you have a really old version, you may want to check your help file.