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Posted By: The Villan
26-Feb-04 - 05:34 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Subject: RE: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Another couple of quicky keyboard shortcuts that my wife uses because she is a translator and has to alter long documents and these save her some time.

If you make a change in a long document and move on through the document and need to go back to the last change, she :

Ctrl - Z (this undoes her previous change but puts her cursor at the point she made the change)
Ctrl - Y (This redoes the change she made and leaves her cursor where she wants to be.)

If you have selected a piece of text and want to increase or decrease the size of the text then do the following assuming you have selected the text you want changed :-

Hold down the CTRL + SHIFT keys and then keep on pressing the < or > keys. (notice the point size changing on the formatting toolbar.)