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Posted By: The Villan
26-Feb-04 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Subject: RE: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Some interesting stuff there AKS

When I teach anybody how to use a word processor, I always teach them to type what they think and worry about the errors and formatting afterwards.
That way even the two fingered typist can type a document reletively quickly.
People who stop and start because they have made an error or they would like a particular style will take ages to get the body of the document completed.
My approach once the body of the document is done, is to spellcheck it.
Then print it and read it, making any corrections on paper.
Then make any final additions corrections.
Formatting the document for me is generally left till last. Whats the point of formatting a document if you decide that you don't need it or decide to make drastic changes later.

How often have I had bosses say to me "It takes so and so so long to knock a document up, I might as well do it myself."
Very often, the person creating the document is trying to show the other person how good they are at doing this and doing that, when in actual fact all that is needed in the first instance is a draft that can then be knocked about afterwards.

The above is even worse when it comes to spreadsheets.
A boss says can you tell me what our ???? are for last week. I need it urgently. A day later, the boss still hasn't got the answer they want. Why, becuase the person getting the info is creating a work of art, so their boss will be impressed. They forget that maybe the boss had a meeting and needed some figures to take in with them now, not tomorrow. Finally the person getting the info together gets upset becuase the boss no longer needs thier wonderful work of art and they think the boss is a mean *******.

better stop :-)