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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
26-Feb-04 - 11:47 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Subject: RE: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Villan, if you want to look at what Treewind did before, open the source code for this page and go look at it exactly.

There are lots of keystrokes available to use with Word, but they're packaged in the background. In the old program WordStar they were conspicuously part of the program's operation and I used them all of the time so they were easy to remember. They were based on blocks of functions. If you were moving or modifying a block of text, all commands began Control K__ . Onscreen commands were Control O__. I don't remember too many others.

If you use diacritical marks frequently and go to the Word Insert menu for the Symbol menu, you should take a look at the bottom of that dialog box. It shows you the keystrokes (Control, Alt, whatever, + the keys or numbers needed). So if you want to put é in, you can do the Word method (control ' + e) or you can do the ascii version of alt 130. Word doesn't tell you both, it only gives you the ascii version if they haven't worked it out for themselves in the Word program. Again, as an old WordStar user, I tend to favor those keystroke methods, they don't interrupt my typing nearly so much as stopping to use the mouse does.