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Posted By: LNL
26-Feb-04 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: Dilemma with 'Siul A Ruin'
Subject: RE: Dilemma with 'Siul A Ruin'
Malcolm and GUEST - That is an excellent point, and I'm kind of smacking myself in the head for not having thought about it earlier! I also probably shouldn't have used the word 'authentic' when I meant 'most appropriate or probable version,' huh?

SRS - Alrighty, I signed up. :) Also, rereading the thread, I hope it was clear that I'm not trying to criticize Linda Russell's research, but I am interested in her sources. We all know that this song is a problem in general, since, as Macolm pointed out, it comes "pre-mangled."   

Q - Ack! The old "Shule Aroon" debate! Thank you for your help. I love I think poking around there is how I found this site in the first place. Also, thank you for the suggestions. Sidenote: Another woman in the regiment really loves "Over the Hills and Far Away," so I don't want to steal her thunder. I do have other favorites, though, like "Katy Cruel" and "The World Turned Upside-down." I think those are a bit less controversial.

Allan - Whoops! Good call. I would be using "I wish I were on yonder hill," from some versions of the song, not just subbing in for "Buttermilk."

All of this talk has got me wondering if anyone had any theories (ideas? wild speculation?) as to why this particular song is so darn slippery. Anyone?