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Posted By: Richard Bridge
28-Feb-04 - 08:46 PM
Thread Name: Jim Moray....
Subject: RE: Jim Moray....
Well I finally heard him on BBC4 this week.

I don't think I'm a musical bigot in any sense affecting this debate (yes, I have some dislikes, country included, but that is not relevant to Moray) and I listen to a range from unaccompanied trad English folk to fairly heavy metal, albeit not much modern "urban" (metal is urban too, and so is punk, but they never seem to be labelled that way).

It all seems a bit much to get too worked up about it. Fairly interesting (but not shatteringly interesting) arrangements. I don't really think a visual element in the presentation of music can be thought of as groundbreaking - I went to several "multimedia happenings" in the 60s.

But it isn't all that wonderful, and I agree with those who say he is an unimpressive singer - not "bad" but his voice is not good and not interesting. In summary I am underwhelmed. I damn him with faint praise.

There again that does not mean he will be uninfluential. Dylan may well have been a considerable commentator and songwriter (and minor poet) but he must have been one of the worst singers ever. He made his own songs almost unlistenable, until someone else sang them.

And Johnny Cash, as a singer (as distinct from song stylist) was worse. No pitch, no tone, no range. Little scansion.

If Moray fails as badly as both of them he will do alright, but I will still be fairly unimpressed.