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Posted By: The Borchester Echo
29-Feb-04 - 11:11 AM
Thread Name: Jim Moray....
Subject: RE: Jim Moray....
"With so little young talent entering the folk field..."

That would be a field on the planet Zog? Folkworks and Shooting Roots are not yet operating there but when they do there'll be hordes of (possibly green) young players, dancers and singers revelling in and restoring to relevance whatever consitutes their traditional inheritence. Just as is occurring here now in festivals and community venues everywhere. Not so much in the clubs though with Victor Meldrew-inspired throwbacks to put them down.

" Back in the 60s..."

Yeah. I cringe to remember a lot of what we got up to then in what went under the name of a 'folk scene'. Those who were good (and are still with us) are still up there doing it. Had Jim Moray been around way back then perhaps the Peter Paul & Mary and Seekers lookalikes would have been despatched sooner, on a tidal wave rather than a ripple.

PS Bob Dylan *can* sing...