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Posted By: Conán
08-Sep-99 - 08:15 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: La Llorona
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: La Llorona
!Viva la letra buena!
This song takes me back to my student days in Madrid. I think - subject to interpretation - that some of the words may have another translation than that offered in the initial note:-
"Que es más grande su pena...."
(There are dead people who make no noise)
"Though their torment be so great"
"Y ahora ni la sombra soy" might be better rendered as:
"Y ahora ni sombra soy"
This suits the melody better and presses home the thought that:
"Today I'm not even a shadow" (Though yesterday I was a wonder."
"Salías del templ' un día, Llorona.......
Que La Virgen te creí"
The implicatioon being that you were so beautiful leaving the church that "I thought that you were the Virgin."
Much more in keeping with the ethos of basic Catholicism than whether or not you were "intacta."