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Posted By: Sandy Paton
08-Sep-99 - 10:07 PM
Thread Name: A ONE TIME ONLY update from Folk-Legacy
Subject: A ONE TIME ONLY update from Folk-Legacy
Greetings, all:

In the "Auction" thread a few days ago, I promised that I would post a listing of the CDs that we at Folk-Legacy have issued since Max and his trolls last visited our web page to gather information for the Mudcat Shop. Clearly, Max has been too busy to go back and collect data regarding our newer releases, so here you are:

Some earlier recordings now available as compact discs:

CD-56 - Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir & Ed Trickett: Turning Toward the Morning
 One of our most popular recordings, ever, and still leading the pack.
CD-63 - Harry Tuft: Across the Blue Mountains
 Proprietor of the Denver Folklore Center, a fine singer, assisted here by Ed Trickett and Dick Weissman.
 This one isn't even on the web site yet!

CD-66 - Bill Staines: Just Play One Tune More
 Our first Bill Staines album, has "Sweet Wyoming Home," and many other goodies.
CD-70 - Bill Staines: Whistle of the Jay
 Bill's second Folk-Legacy album, includes the first recordings of "Roseville Fair," "A Place in the Choir," and "River," among others.
CD-84 - Gordon Bok: Jeremy Brown and Jeannie Teal
 Gordon's whimsical tale of Capt. Jeremy Brown trying to sail over to West Quacko to spend Christmas with his niece, but the "Hogans" (Nova Scotia fairies) in his yawl-boat won't let him, until his wise old schooner, Jeannie Teal, offers a few tactical suggestions.
 Also has six dandy songs and tunes.
CD-94 - Gordon Bok: A Rogue's Gallery of Songs for 12-String
 One of my personal favorites; a wide ranging miscellany of songs and tunes demonstrating the varied voices of the 12-string in the hands of a master.
 You'll love "Old Fat Boat," if you've ever owned one!
CD-96 - Bok, Muir and Trickett: All Shall Be Well Again
 A wonderful collection of songs and tunes, including Sydney Carter's encouraging "Julian of Norwich."

And some brand new recordings:

CD-124 - Dan Milner, with Mick Moloney, Louis Killen, et al: Irish Ballads and Songs of the Sea  The Mudcat's own "Liam's brother" in a fine program dedicated to the brave emigrants who fled the famine to seek a new life in America.
CD-126 - John Sherman and Carol Barney: Ceol Anam
 A splendid collection of Celtic finger-style guitar duets, with a guest appearance by Bridget Fitzgerald, who offers one song in Irish to grace the many lovely airs and spirited tunes.

And coming up very soon:

CD-125 - Ballads and Songs of Tradition from the Folk-Legacy Archives
 Selections drawn from my forty years of field collecting, includes songs from Scotland, Canada's Maritime Provinces, Appalachia, the Adirondacks and the Ozarks. All sung by traditional artists such as Jeannie Robertson, Lizzie Higgins, Frank Proffitt, etc.
CD-127 - All Hands Around Irish music performed by a new group from New England including Roger Burridge (fiddle), Dave Paton (concertina and hammered dulcimer), Michael Shorrock (bouzouki and guitar), and Deirdre Murtha (vocals).

Now in the pipeline and expected later this year:

CD-01 - Frank Proffitt, of Reese, North Carolina: Traditional Ballads and Songs of Appalachia  This was our very first recording of the mountain farmer and carpenter from whom Frank Warner learned "Tom Dooley" in 1938, the song that later stimulated the big folk scare. The original version is sung here with fretless banjo accompaniment.
CD-17 - Hobart Smith, of Saltville, Virginia The near-legendary banjo and fiddle virtuoso from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

CD-99 - Ann Mayo Muir's So Goes My Heart Annie's solo recording (with Gordon Bok and Ed Trickett helping out). Almost a Bok, Muir, Trickett production, except that Annie leads all of the songs, including one duet sung with her daughter Christina.

Now I've done as I said I would, and listed the items that escaped Max's attention. But I want to add this: I'm not ready to turn our Mudcat Discussion Forum into a billboard for promoting product. I was urged to post this information, so I've done so, but I will not do it again. If you want to keep up with what Folk-Legacy is offering, you're invited to visit our web page at: BOOKMARK THIS and look around. If you decide to order something using our secure ordering process, be sure to mention that it's a Mudcat order in the "comment" line on the order blank. That way, we'll know to credit the sale to the Mudcat and give Max the commission, even if the item isn't listed in the Mudcat "Shop."

The many friends I've made in this community are too damned important to me to allow our Forum to become a place for "CD hustle." I'll not jeopardize those friendships with another example of blatant commercialism.

That's it, good people. Now I'll bid you all a goodnight.

Sandy (hoping this whole shebang translates properly into HTML!)