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Posted By: Bert C
08-Sep-99 - 10:40 PM
Thread Name: Cakewalk program,create gifs of notation
Subject: RE: Cakewalk program,create gifs of notation
My particular version is Cakewalk Score Writer, version 1.0 for Windows. However I found a way to do it that should work with almost any version of any program. The key is using a faxing program like WinFax or RapidComm. Any program that allows you to print out a score will also let you choose the fax program as your "printer". These fax programs will generally allow you to save the image as a file in "fax" format instead of sending it. Then you can use Microsoft Photo Editor or some other graphics program to open the fax file and re-save it in almost any graphic format, including GIF. I tried it with RapidComm and Photo Editor and it worked like a charm.

The only drawback is that Cakewalk uses very thin lines, so as soon as you attempt to shrink the image to less than 100% of the original size, you begin to lose lines. A one-page score was 27Kb.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to write me at

Bert C.