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Posted By: clueless don
01-Mar-04 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Subject: RE: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Stilly River Sage, thank you for trying again with that screen capture! My Word toolbar does not have that button (two "greater than" signs over a downward pointing triangle.) As The Villan indicates, it may be because my toolbar takes up two rows.

Thanks to The Villan for your instructions, though the first time I tried them I didn't succeed in changing my toolbar (I'm sure that was my fault.)

Thanks also to JohnInKansas for your comments. I'm intrigued by the notion that the formatting for a paragraph is "contained in the carriage return" at the end of the paragraph. But I'm not sure how to make practical use of this information. If only there was a way to click on this final carriage return and obtain a display of what the formatting is. That would be a real "display codes" feature, the thing we WordPerfect users have been wanting!