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Posted By: catspaw49
02-Mar-04 - 11:56 PM
Thread Name: Kendall in hospital (not any more)
Subject: RE: Kendall in hospital
Ya' know, I been readin' this thing right along ever since the mattress came up and I just finally have to ask something.......

Uh, Kendall...You had heart surgery not brain surgery....right? Did you know that being on a heart/lung machine affects the brain? True.....not a joke. It can adversely affect memory functions as well as reasoning skills. I'm not kidding here! It's one of the possible side effects of heart surgery. Now it doesn't happen to everyone as I've been on one 3 times with no ill effects, but it does happen to some........and I think you're a strong possibility here! I mean, like, uh, Kendall.......well..........Lookit here Buddy, you ain't quite right.

Lemmee get this right.........You have this sensual, sensuous, beautiful, intelligent, and lovely woman that you have somehow,unbelievable and inconceivable as it seems to me, managed to lure into your bedroom. You have also somehow managed to have on hand a length of rope and a yardstick. And the best you can think of to do is to measure the fuckin' mattress???

Talk to your Docs...........