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Posted By: radriano
09-Sep-99 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Row On [original versions]
Subject: Tune Add: ROW ON
Well, I think I've done it. Here is the melody to Row On, in ABC format:

T:Row On
z2C2F2G2 | A3G Ac3 | D6B2 | B2A2 GF3 |
E3c c2B2{cB} | A3G Ac3 | D6C2 | C3A A2G2 | F6z2 |
"Chorus"z4A A2G2 | F3G GA3 | B4-B2d2 | d3c B2A2 | G6A2 |
A3G F4-|F2A2 GF3 | D6C2 | C3A A4 | G4 F4-|F8||

Keep in mind that this is my arrangement of this song. I don't know how close it is to the original melody. Yes, folks, it's the folk process at work.

Speaking of that pesky folk process, Songster Bob was right. The third line of the second verse should read:

Changeless affections, strength to prove

The second verse that I posted is also wrong, as I sing the line as follows:

Change least affections, strength to prove

The original words make a little more sense but I obtained the book long after I had learned the song. And you know, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.