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Posted By: Peter T.
09-Sep-99 - 01:31 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: La Llorona
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: La Llorona
Dear Tom, special symbols, all accents, elided letters, circumflexes, brackets, etc., in HTML are handled by using the ampersand sign (&) followed by different instructions, followed at the end by a semicolon. This complicated system was designed to make sure that you didn't shift into symbols while typing other things. You would have to get an HTML manual for all of them. Essentially, in Windows and Macs there are codes with numbers, for example(and I will use "and" instead of the ampersand so as to make them show up):
and#233; is the sign for e with an acute accent as used in MACs and Windows
another version of this is:
andeacute; gives you the same. And so on.
I don't have a site listing all these, but as I said, any good HTML manual will list them all.
yours, Peter T.