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Posted By: pavane
03-Mar-04 - 01:38 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Music software capabilities
Subject: Tech: Music software capabilities
I am trying to judge the capabilities of HARMONY against other music and abc software, but I don't have facilities to check all other packages.

I would be grateful if you good people could answer some specific points:

1.        Which abc software supports multiple voices (in, play, and out)
2.        Which abc software transposes Chord Names as well as the notes
3.        Which abc software provides MIDI output
4.        Which abc (or other) package can add chords to a melody
5.        Which abc (or other) package can generate realistic random tunes
6.        Which packages provide input from a MIDI keyboard
7.        Which packages allow aligned lyrics
8.        Ditto, on more than one voice
9.        Which software provides automatic beaming of notes
10.        Does any other software provide tune structure audit (Check bar lengths against time signature.
11.        Which software can play tunes according to the part specification
12.        Are there packages which can provide a harmony voice at a fixed interval above or below the melody?
13.        Do any ABC packages provide a percussion voice
14.        Do any other packages translate abc to tonic sol-fa