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Posted By: JohnInKansas
04-Mar-04 - 02:37 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
Subject: RE: Tech: Alternatives to Office and Word
I seldom use the select browser object button, but then I seldom have many "objects" - or so many of them (usually images) that it's too many steps to just "browse."

On a complex document, if you know in advance a few places you may want to go back to, you can "Insert - Bookmark" to give yourself specific places to home to. "F5" is the "go-to" quick key, and gives you the option to go to the same selection of "objects" as the button: page, section, bookmark, image, etc. (You can also open it with "Edit - Go To.") When you choose "bookmark," it gives you a list of the ones you've set, so you can click and go directly to a specific one without having to "browse" until you find it. The "gimmick" with bookmarks is that to delete a bookmark you choose "Insert - Bookmark" (rather counterintuitive). When the list comes up, you select one, and then click the "Delete" button. You can "move" a bookmark simply by re-inserting one, using the same name at a new place in the document.

I'll repeat the warning that in earlier versions of Word you should never put a Bookmark at the start of the document. I'm not sure whether they've fixed it in the newest versions, but I'd avoid it anyway. You don't really need one there, since that's where Ctl-Home takes you. (And Ctl-End takes you to the end of the document.)

If you open the "Go-To" box and select "Section," your choices are "previous" or "next." I'll note that either choice always goes to where the section begins, and if you're in the last section, and choose "next," you go to the start of the last section.

SWMBO* was about to post a comment here, when she discovered that when the cat rests his chin on the escape key it deletes everything in your reply box; so I think she's abandoned the effort. I believe she was going to comment that, in addition to the "Help for Word Perfect Users" in the Word Help file, there are two "check boxes" on the "General" Tab in "Tools - Options." One is called "Help for Word Perfect Users" and the other is "Navigation Tools for Word Perfect Users." I haven't actually looked at what they do, since I've been able to avoid Word Perfect for quite a long time, but they might be useful to those with more recent experience.

(*She is the professional user in our business - I'm just tech support.)