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Posted By: Gurney
04-Mar-04 - 03:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Crime in Canada, England and Oz
Subject: RE: BS: Crime in Canada, England and Oz
Dianavan, most of the gun crime here in NZ is from career thugs, and mostly they use sawn-offs, both rifles and shotguns. All of them stolen, because you will not get a license if you have a criminal record, so these are not 'licit' sawn-offs.
Thats why a register of hunting weapons is required.
The people who really worry me are the 'collectors' who have lots of legal weapons, and camo costumes to go with them. Unexploded bombs. I reckon.
I'm not an auto anti-gun man, I've been a soldier and I've hunted. I can see no good reason for a private citizen to have lots of weapons, particularly military ones, though.