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04-Mar-04 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: calling on songs
Subject: ADD: Calling On Song
Quite a few here

Also here's one from High Spen so particularly suited for rapper. A bit sexist though...

Calling on Song

At the beginning of the dance it is the job of the Tommy to introduce the dancers and the dance to the onlookers. In our first set of figures he would do this by reciting the following words:

Kind friends now I pray give attention
And just listen to what I've to say
In the first place I merely will mention
By chance we have travelled this way
We've travelled this country for pleasure
Likewise to partake of your cheer
And the lasses we mean to be courtin'
And to taste all the publicans beer

I've brought here five merry young fellas
So noble, so handsome, so nice (pause for laughter!)
So be quick bonny lasses and tell us
Which of my five men is your choice

Kind friends now you've seen my five actors
They mean to act up to their part
They've travelled this world full of danger
With strong hands and stout willing hearts
Be calm lads, be mindful be steady
You're fit to jump over the moon
Now player I hope you'll get ready
And play us a canny bit tune