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08-Mar-04 - 11:43 PM
Thread Name: Tuning an Irish whistle
Subject: RE: Tuning an Irish whistle
Dave The Gnome: good explanation! 'Course, maybe Blackcatter is going to do it with his WHISTLE!
Jimmyt: What did your mother tell you do with ANYTHING before you put it in your mouth?
Stu: The blutack thing's a new one on me and undoubtedly needs to be explained by someone who understands Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, Avagadro's Principle and Bernoulli's Principle. I can't imagine whistle manufacturers going that deeply into the science. I've read these theories then still watch in amazement as Jumbo Jets impossibly take to the sky. And it's always a surprise to me when a gas pump shuts itself off when my tank is full!