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Posted By: raredance
10-Sep-99 - 01:58 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Rosin the Beau parodies
Subject: Lyr Add: OLD HAL O' THE WEST
Here we go back to the election of 1844 between Henry Clay (Whig) and James Polk (Democrat). Henry Clay was also known as the "Miller Boy of The Slashes" because the area around his birthplace in Hanover County, Virginia was know as The Slashes. "Locos" was nickname given to the Democrats going back to the mid `1830's, it's a truncated form of "Loco-Foco"


Rouse all ye brave lads of old '40
Ye Locos, my song ye'll enjoy,
We'll sing of the noble old Statesman,
Who rose from an orphan "Mill-Boy"

The son of a poor, humble freeman,
In Columbia, the land of the blest!
He rose 'mid the world's admiration,
Hail, gallant old Hal o' the West.

His name is his country's own glory,
As hist'ry will truly attest -
From Maine to the far Southern border,
'Tis gallant old Hal o' the West.

His country now weeps for her faithful,
Her wisest, her bravest and best;
Who quelled the foul demon of carnage?
'Twas noble olf Hal o' the West.

So, freemen, come on to the rally,
This motto emblzaons your crest:
"That lone star of Hope yet is shining,
It lightens the skies in the West.

Hark! freedom peals far in her thunder,
Her lightning no force can arrest,
She drives the foul army asunder.
"Hail, gallant old Hal o' the West!"

rich r