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Posted By: Cattail
09-Mar-04 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: Hey Teach'! (Do you use the Digital Tradition?)
Subject: RE: Hey Teach'!
I hadn't played for 8-10 years, until one day I thought I'd have
another go, I went looking for the lyrics to a song and found the
tradition. Then I found the forum, and here I am now, loving my
music again and trying to improve myself with the help and
information I get from this site.

Without the tradition, and the forum I would not have found my way
back to music as I have, it is a unique place on the web.
I have spent a lot of time on the net in the past and there is just nowhere else like it.

Long may it continue.

Thank you to Max, Joe, Dick, Susan and others who keep it together, and of course all the great people who come here with their help,
chat and information.

This also reminds me that I MUST get some money to Max so that it
'can' continue, we can't expect others to put their money into this
while we just take out, can we?.

Cheers for now

Cattail !