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Posted By: Clean Supper
10-Mar-04 - 06:10 AM
Thread Name: songwriting
Subject: RE: songwriting
I also agree with reggie miles (but I'm inclined to put it in less magical language...). I write political songs and I feel like I'm having my say when I perform a song. Even writing it gives me some of that feeling but it's not quite complete until I get up on front of people - preferrably strangers - and let them have it.

I'm a bit stuck on getting back to my hemisphere from this strange and freezing North now, though, so gigs are few and far between (geographically as well...). I'm making do with publishing my songs on a web page and telling everyone I can get hold of about it (this now includes you). It's not too hard to create a web site - getting anyone to se it is trickier and putting music on it takes a little learning too. (and SPACE - roger me sideways, even MP3s are quite big, full audio files are enormous!)

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