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10-Sep-99 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Rosin the Beau parodies
Subject: Lyr Add: OLD ROSIN, THE BEAU (2)^^
This one doesn't count as a parody, but it definitely belongs because it is a variant of the song that inspired the parodies.


I live for the good of my nation,
And my sons are all growing low,
But I hope that my next generation
Will remember Old Rosin, the beau.
I've travelled this country, all over
And now to the next I will go;
Fo I know that good quarters await me,
To welcom old Rosin, the beau.

In the gay round of pleasure I've travelled,
Nor will I behind leave a foe;
And when my companions are jovial,
They will drink to old Rosin, the beau.
But my life is now drawn to a closing,
And all will at last be so:
So we'll take a full bumper at parting,
To the name of old Rosin, the beau.

When I'm dead and laid out on the counter,
The people all making a show,
Just sprinkle plain whiskey and water
On the corpse of old Rosin, the beau.
I'll have to be buried, I reckon,
And the ladies will all want to know,
And they'll lift up the lid of my coffin,
Saying,"Here lies old Rosin, the beau."

Oh! when to my grave I am going,
The children will all want to go;
They'll run to the doors and the windows,
SAying, "There goes old Rosin, the beau."
Then pick me out six trusty fellows,
And let them all stand in a row,
And dig a big hole in a circle,
And in it toss Rosin, the beau.

Then shape me out two little donochs,
Place one at my head and my toe,
And do not forget to scratch on it
The name of old Rosin, the beau.
Then let those six trusty good fellows,
Oh! let them all stand in a row,
And take dow that big bellied bottle,
And drink to old Rosin, the beau.

This version was printed by Sigmund Spaeth, "Read 'Em And Weep", 1926. The second four lines of each verse are sung to the tune usually used for the chorus and there is no repetitive line chorus.

rich r^^