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Posted By: raredance
11-Sep-99 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Rosin the Beau parodies
The "Acres of Clams" anti-nuke version was written by Charlie King (as is indicated on the link) above. It was recorded by Pete Seeger on "Sing-a-long, Live at the Saunders Theater, CAmbridge MA 1980." I was going to type that one in this morning, but George found a link so I don't have to. thanks, George. I had totally forgotten about Acres of Limeliters.

Meanwhile back in the 19th century, here's another set of lyrics from the infamous 1840 election campaign. This campaign was mostly P.R. as neither party distinguished itself with issues and the Whigs themselves were so split that they oipted not to write a platform. Instead they cranked out songs. This one is derived from a songster called "Log Cabin and Hard Cider Melodies". A recorded version can be found on "Election Songs of the United States" by Oscar Brand (Folkways FH 5280, 1960)


Now the Whigs at the coming election
Will carry our candidate through,
They've made the judicious selection
Of Tyler and Tippecanoe.

They say that he lives in a cabin
And that he drinks hard cider too
Well what if he does, I am certain
Of Tyler and Tippecanoe.

The spoilsmen are leaving their party
Where prospect for office is blue
Not wishing to stick by poor Marty
They'll change for old Tippecanoe.

Again and again fill your glasses
Bid Martin Van Buren adieu
We'll now please ourselves and our lasses
And we'll vote for old Tippecanoe.

So let us be up and a doing
And cling to our cause brave and true
I'll bet you a fortune we'll beat them
With the Hero of Tippecanoe.

rich r