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Posted By: raredance
11-Sep-99 - 05:05 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Rosin the Beau parodies
Wel, I'm hitting the wall on these. This is the last one I have, for now at least. This one was written by one Lt. Byers of the Fifth Iowa Infantry as he was ensconced in a confederate prison camp at Columbia SC. Even though he and his comrades were crowded, cold and hungry, they manged to stay somewhat upbeat because they had a secret information pipeline to the outside and knew that General Sherman's army headed their way. When Sherman took Columbia, helaerned of the lyrics and supposedly sent the author up north. In 1866 a million copies of this song were sold. Lt. Byers received $5 from the original publisher but many publishers simply stole it and used it.


Our camp fires shone bright on the mountain,
That frown'd on the river below,
While we stood by our guns in the morning,
And eagerly watched for the foe:
When a horseman rode out from the darkness
That hung over mountain and tree,
And shouted, "Boys, up and be ready,
For Sherman will march to the sea.

When cheer upon cheer for bold Sherman
Went up from each valley and glen,
And the bugles re-echoed the music
That came from the lips of the men -
For we knew that the stars on ou banners,
More bright in their splendor would be
And the blessings from Northland would greet us
When Sherman march'd down to the sea.

Then forward,boys: forward to battle,
We marched on our wearysome way,
And we stormed the wild hills of Resaca,
God bless those who fell on that day!-
Then Kenesaw, dark in its glory,
Frowned down on the flag of the free,
But the East and the West bore her standard
When Sherman marched down to the sea.

Still onward we pressed till our banners
Swept out from Atlanta's grim walls,
And the blood of the patriot dampened
The soil where the traitor's flag falls;
But we paused not to weep for the fallen
Who slept by each river and tree,
Yet we twined them a wreath of the laurel,
And Sherman marched down to the sea.

Proud, proud, was our army that morning
That stood by the cypress and pine,
Then Sherman said, "Boys, you are weary,
This day fair Savannah is mine!"
Then sang we a song for our chieftan,
That echoed o'er river and sea
And the stars on our banners shone brighter
When Sherman marched down to the sea.

rich r