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Posted By: Big Jim from Jackson
12-Mar-04 - 03:38 PM
Thread Name: New Jerry Rasmussen fan!
Subject: RE: New Jerry Rassmussen fan!
As a relative new-comer to Mudcat, I, too, would like to hear some of the music from the various 'catters. Of course, as a co-host of a folk music radio show, I have an additional motive. And as an acquaintance of Jerry, Ruth, and the members of the 'Messengers, I can attest to the fact that he is just as fine a fellow as he is a song writer/performer! And he is a fellow Lonnie Donegan fan---a high complement, indeed!
    In an exchange of emails with Art T., he and I decided it is time for Jerry to produce a CD of his own material, and I gather from a comment or two above that there might be a 'Messengers CD in the works, as well In either case, I better hear about it so I can get a copy when it/they come(s) out.
    If any of you who are attending this thread want to send CD's with an excellent chance for air play, contact me by PM and I will supply an address. You can check out my program at And, boy! Would I love to have a Mudcatter CD with all of you on it!
      Hi, Jerry and Ruth!