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Posted By: GUEST,Allan S
12-Mar-04 - 08:17 PM
Thread Name: History: Tom Dooley didn't kill Laura Foster?!?
Subject: RE: Tom Dooley didn't kill Laura Foster?!?
Ricketts I believe is a result of lack of Vit.D thats why children were given Cod liver oil. Ricketisea [sp.?] is an organism between a bacteria and a virus tho now it falls in withe bact. for classification. An early attempt at a cure for "the clap" which is caused by a diplocossus was to inject a solution of potassium permanganate up inthrough the penis tho i am not sure how effective it was. From what history I remember both diseases were pandemic.
Excuse the spelling I havent worked with this stuff in over 50 years. since I was a medic in the Army. How I remember those days in the "clap shack" doing GC smears.