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Posted By: KathWestra
12-Sep-99 - 06:25 PM
Thread Name: FSGW GETAWAY 99 Program
Subject: RE: FSGW GETAWAY 99 Program
Just show up. Sample a little bit of one workshop, then wander on to another if you'd like, or stay for the whole thing. Almost anything labeled a "workshop" implicitly includes opportunities for members of the "audience" to contribute a song on the topic at hand. Since some of the workshop leaders might not know you, holler out when you've got something to contribute. It's all very informal. The only "rules" are those of inclusiveness -- no one person gets a second song until everyone who has one to sing has done so. At the Open Sing on Friday night, we generally go around the circle so that nobody gets missed. That's about it. Looking forward to seeing everybody. If we get weather like we've had down here this weekend, we'll be truly blessed. Kathy