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Posted By: Cap't Bob
12-Sep-99 - 10:17 PM
Thread Name: A Folkie (sort of) Wedding.
Subject: RE: A Folkie (sort of) Wedding.
Rick ~ perhaps folkie weddings are in the vogue this year. During our annual 4th of July gig at the county court house a couple of young folks sat up front and listened very intently to every song we played. They didn't even leave when the parade started (actually they were about the only ones around for our last number). When we finished they asked us to play for their wedding. We agreed despite the 200 mile trip to the wedding site. Their wedding site was at a park located on the Lake Huron beach just north of Port Huron (a really beautiful spot).

Most of the people in attendance were wearing clothes like you would likely find on the beach in Key West, Fla. The wedding party had a march from the parking lot to the beach about a quarter of a mile away. We played a Cornish slow march (actually a South American Andes tune that our guitar player thinks is Cornish) during the walk to the beach. I have no idea of what type of wedding we played for but there was a lot of talk of the forces of nature and a home made wicker broom was used to remove past footprints as the couple walked down into the shallow water near shore. (new age??? I don't know I'm an old foggy)

We played Planxty Fanny Power just before the ceremony and One Hundred and One Pipers as the march on the way back to the reception. The reception was outside so we also played without amplification and had many good comments about the sound not being so overpowering. During the reception we played IRISH, SAILING SONGS, RAGTIME, OLE TIMEY, AND TRADITIONAL TYPE FOLKS SONGS OF THE 60's era. There were a lot of young folks there that seemed to enjoy the music ~~~ perhaps there is hope for the future.....

Cap't Bob