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Posted By: katlaughing
12-Sep-99 - 10:38 PM
Thread Name: A Folkie (sort of) Wedding.
Subject: RE: A Folkie (sort of) Wedding.
Cap't Bob: mayhap you've been out in the sloop in one too many peasoups, making you a bit "foggy"? Just kidding:-)

The handmade wicker broom used to be called a besom and was quite a symbol for the pagans of old times in the Great Britain and elsewhere. Whether your wedding party knew that or not, it is an ancient symbol, probably latched onto by the new age like a lot of other old religion trappings.

Upon Sandy Paton's recommendation, I've just been reading a really good book about it all, which originally came out in the 1930's, called God of the Witches by Margaret A. Murray. And, just to keep this sort of on topic for this thread, in her book, she says, "Jumping over the broomstick is said to have formed part of the gypsy marriage rites."

The Prize Besom of Shaftesbury survives, or did at her writing the book. It was a ceremonial one, from the picture it looks like it was made of some metal and gilded.

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