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Posted By: Bobert
16-Mar-04 - 09:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Advice for treating bad back.....
Subject: BS: Advice for treating bad back.....
Well gol danged. My poor wife, the P-Vine, picked up a light box of firewood the wrong way and..........POP! Ouch! Yeah, she's been hurtin' in her lower back right in the middle and says it has been spasmin' on her... She's been to the massage lady once and felt a little bettter but then had to do some chores and it tightened up on her again.

She's used both ice and heat but ain't sure which one is the "in" treatment these days or if there's anything else that will help her.

BTW, she is generally in excellent health and when the back doesn't hurt, gardens and hauls stuff all day from spring to fall, does a half hour of exercises to the TV everyday and walks 3 miles on her treadmill.....

Any thoughts or advice on what do do to expedite the healing?