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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
16-Mar-04 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: oral tradition - 'celtic' singing in usa
Subject: RE: oral tradition - 'celtic' singing in usa
I'm pretty sure that would have been "Loyal" to the King... James?

Wasn't Oliver Cromwell the Champion of the Parlimentary Forces at the time (My sense of history is a little rusty here...)
Anyway; whichever side came up the loser (and got pretty badly massacred in the process) was the side James ADAMS was allied with.

I wish we knew more about his Scottish connection - where he was from etc.. but only a few shards of family lore have survived the past 350-some years.

So a "Lowlander" would more likely have spoken / sung in "English"?

Would that have been sort of like the "King James" English a-la the KJV Bible which was translated in 1611?

I don't know as if we have a lot of popular / Folk music from that time period, do we?

Other than the Pipes, harp, or lute - what sort of instrument would the "common folk" likely have played?
I'm thinking some sort of whistle or fife(?)