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Posted By: freightdawg
16-Mar-04 - 05:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Advice for treating bad back.....
Subject: RE: BS: Advice for treating bad back.....
If a disc has not been damaged, your wife is doing just about what she needs. Slow stretches, gentle walks, and the combination of ice and heat will slowly work the spasm out. While your wife continues to do chores, make sure she bends at the knees and lifts with her legs, do not bend at the waist. Also, there are those 8 hour heat strips you can get now just about anywhere. It provides for the muscles to have enough warmth to not spasm so much. If she can take ibuprofen or aspirin, that will help reduce the swelling.

If pain starts to radiate down her leg (usually feels like a hot fire poker right next to the leg bone) or if she starts to have numbness in any part of her leg, then get to a doctor immediately. That is an indication that a disc has bulged, or ruptured, and a competent doctor/surgeon should be consulted.

I've had both the ruptured disc and recurrent spasms. The spasms take about a full week for me to work out - that is to pretty much return completely to normal. I've had them so bad that the Mrs. had to tie my shoes. I sympathize with your wife! :-(

I'll carry my tail at half-staff until I hear she is better,