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Posted By: lamarca
13-Sep-99 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: FSGW GETAWAY 99 Program
Subject: RE: FSGW GETAWAY 99 Program
Just a note of further explanation on our song swap/workshop "Not in My Job Description" - George and I both love the type of work songs that describe the lives and duties of the people doing that type of work. There's lots of traditional (and contemporary) songs from the lumber camps, mining, the textile industries, bothy ballads, fishing trade, cowboy's lives, etc. They weren't necessarily done to rhythmically accompany the work, like shanties or Barry and Roger's prison songs, but sang about the job, a crummy boss, the hard life, the perils of loving a miner (or fisherman or factory maid, etc.) Some songs sing about the joys and sorrows of NOT working (hoboes, being on the dole, etc.) Some are about disasters, wrecks and other occupational hazards. Use your imagination and come share a song with us!

George and I are looking forward to this year's Getaway since we're back at Prince William; I hated staying at Camp Letts, so we'd turned into day-trippers past few years. As I mentioned in another thread (looking for MIDI advice), I've fallen off the wagon onto Mudcat again, my 12-step program having failed to cure my addiction. I blame Sandy and Kathy W. as my main enablers, and y'all as my co-dependents (see, I can't even accept personal responsibility for this monumentally enriching waste of time...)

Looking forward to putting faces to the names!