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Posted By: John Robinson (aka Cittern)
18-Mar-04 - 10:23 AM
Thread Name: Auditions for new Folk club in Barnsley
Subject: RE: Auditions for new Folk club in Barnsley
Whilst not wishing to get involved in any of the politics in this thread, I simply had to post a copy of a message I have posted elsewhere about these events:

I had the pleasure of being the sound man at the second event, which was headlined by my partner Julie Ellison.

We experience so many different venues across the UK - pubs, folk clubs, arts centres - but I can honestly say that this event is a breath of fresh air which promises a great deal for the folk/acoustic scene in South Yorkshire.

Much discussion has been had here and on other forums about the role of folk clubs in the current day. Whilst the established clubs (both the singers and concert variety) continue to have an important role to play, it is encouraging to see this music being showcased, in a concert setting, in the main space of a modern, town centre bar. The bar is glass walled, making the event highly visible to "Joe public" and several people commented that the whole event had a real "city feel" to it.

The diversity of audience members was especially encouraging, illustrated if nothing else by the presence of hairstyles which rarely make an appearance in folk clubs (unless John McCusker is playing that is!)

The event attracted interest from the local "idie-band" magazine who were extremely positive to the "virtuoso performance" (their words not mine) and the publishing of a review of the events in a magazine perhaps more usually associated with death metal and punk will further broaden the reach of the events.

Audience members included Dave Burland, the headline at the first event, who commented that the gigs could be seen as part of a worthwhile attempt to "reclaim" the town centre, and after the dispersing scenes of drunkenness shown in TV news programmes recently - amen to that

Barnsley is buzzing with folk activity at the moment, with a significant youth oriented event taking place this weekend.

I've never felt more positive about the future! To all the supporting performers and to Tony Heald, the man behind the initiative, a heartfelt thanks.

All the best
John Robinson