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19-Mar-04 - 03:26 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Sunshine Jack (NZ drover song)
Subject: Lyr Add: SUNSHINE JACK (M Moroney, W Brosnan)
Many thanks, Michael. I have contacted the official website of the band as you suggested and had a response with corrections to the words I had struggled with. This song is on The Pioneer Pog 'n Scroggin Bush Band's "Southern Bred" video, which shows the historical places and the landscapes of beautiful Otago, New Zealand. Stunning backdrops to the superb vocals, a folk video I can watch over and over and always enjoy.

SUNSHINE JACK (New Zealand song)
Tune by Mike Moroney, words by W. Brosnan.

As Jack McTavish I was born,
With Sunshine Valley as my home,
Estrangement left me all alone,
And I became a drover

CHORUS: So it's on your horse and away we'll go
In summer's heat or winter's snow
There's whisky at the Dunback Inn
For any Kyeburn drover (x2)

The first war came, knocked us around,
As I recall, we stood our ground,
Depression days, no work around,
Not even for the drover

Then Hitler caused the next affray,
I soldiered till peace came our way,
So our fair land would be okay,
Sod the cliffs of Dover! CHORUS

The Rock and Pillars looking spry,
And my red blood youth has long gone by,
And I've had my fill of Shepherd's Pie,
Still I am the drover.

And if you hear the idle drop,
Of hooves as through the mist they clop,
Comin' from the shrouded tops,
It's the ghost of Jack the Drover. CHORUS